Embracing Hazel Choi into the Remutate Team!

Hazel Choi, a Korean actress turned Product Designer, has joined Remutate Inc.! ✌️ Hazel has studied human behaviour, emotions, and interactions. She has lived in different countries and experienced various cultures… As a Korean language teacher, she has also engaged with diverse groups of people… Not to mention being a Digital Marketing Specialist. Her journey is truly inspiring. The wisdom and experience she has gained, and will continue to acquire, will undoubtedly bring fortune to my company. So, GJ Pineda, Jeffrey Ram Pineda, and I are ecstatic that she has joined us.

In a world increasingly shaped by automation and AI, authentic human 🧟 connections are more vital than ever. At Remutate Inc., we are dedicated to addressing this growing scarcity, and Hazel will spearhead this human need through her design.


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