Welcome Dayoung Nam to Remutate Inc.!

I’m stoked to introduce Dayoung Nam, our newest Software Developer at Remutate Inc.! Dayoung is a Student Scholar from the University of Toronto. Despite her youth, she brings a wealth of international experience, having lived in countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, and now Canada. I’m truly honoured to have someone with her diverse background join our team, as her unique perspective and passion for learning will undoubtedly drive innovation within our company.

Growing up in the Philippines, I witnessed firsthand the disparities in wealth and opportunity. Dayoung has seen similar challenges, and I’m inspired by her pursuit in finding solutions. In a world increasingly shaped by AI, addressing issues of inequality is more crucial than ever. At Remutate Inc., we’re dedicated to tackling these challenges head-on. With Dayoung on board, I’m confident that we can make a meaningful impact, one step at a time.


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