Why I Don’t Post Jobs & How I End Up Having “the Best”

It’s no secret that the labour market is broken. So I’ve adopted an unconventional approach to find “the best.”

My Method? Simple: I Socialize. I engage in conversations both online and offline, embracing the essence of being human. This isn’t about scrolling through endless applications; it’s about genuine connections. We might hit it off, or we might not – and that’s perfectly okay. After all, we’re living in an era of abundance.

Meaningful Connection: If I’m dedicating my time and resources, it should be with individuals who resonate with me on a deeper level. Building a team is not only about filling roles; it’s about creating a harmonious community where like-minded individuals can thrive, while also valuing diverse perspectives that challenge and enrich our thinking. This approach ensures that even if we don’t end up working together, we’ve still formed a meaningful connection.

Skills Can Be Taught, Attitude Can’t: In my experience, skills can be developed over time with the right attitude – an attitude that embraces hard work, adaptability, and constant self-improvement. Sure, qualifications are important, but a relentless work ethic, coupled with a passion for what one does, is even more valuable.

More Than Just Networking: At the core of my company’s mission is building human connections. Despite being in the most technologically connected age, true connection often eludes us. We’re striving to bridge this gap, believing that meaningful human interaction is not just beneficial but essential.

So – Don’t Just “Connect.” Let’s Talk. Let’s Build.


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