Why I Encourage My Hires to Start Their Own Business Too

An HR professional once told me, “We want to foster professional growth…” That’s cool and all, but let’s get real for a sec. If you’re anything like me, independence is the ultimate path to growth. That’s why I’m big on nudging my team to kick off their own gigs on the side. And it’s not bad thing for Remutate Inc.:

🧠 Ye For Wacky Ideas

When folks start thinking like entrepreneurs, they bring that spark of creativity to the table. They’re the ones coming up with the wacky ideas that just might work, pushing us all to think differently and keep our game strong.

👑 Taking Charge Like a Boss

Diving into your own project teaches you how to own it—like, really own it. This attitude is gold in our day jobs too, where taking responsibility and stepping up becomes second nature. It’s about making things happen, not waiting for orders.

🏢 Building a Cool Circle

Imagine having a network of buddies who are all doing exciting stuff, building their own empires. These connections are priceless. They could be your next business partner, your go-to supplier, or even a loyal customer. It’s all about growing together.

Encouraging my team to explore entrepreneurship isn’t just about personal growth; it’s a strategic move for Remutate Inc. It fosters a culture of innovation, responsibility, and collaboration that benefits everyone involved. By supporting their ventures, we’re not just investing in their futures – we’re enhancing our collective creativity, expanding our network, and building a community of forward-thinkers. So here’s to the side hustles and the dream projects that push us all to be better. Because when one of us grows, we all grow. 🚀🌟


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